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Eastern Shore Virginia Master Gardeners is a non-profit organization dedicated to gardening and horticulture.

Resources and Links

There are many, many resources online for gardeners. Below, we present a few of our favorites:

Courses, Newsletters and Publications

Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course

Plant Pathology Online Course


The Virginia Gardener Newsletter - Virginia Tech Publication - discontinued

Virginia Master Gardeners 'In Season' Newsletter Archives  Scroll to News and click on 'Newsletter'

EMG Blog - Extension Services Master Gardeners blog

Virginia Tech Pest Management Guide

Virginia Tech Plant Disease Clinic: Plant Problem Image Gallery
Virginia Tech Publications

Virginia Cooperative Extension Solutions 2009

Other Online Gardening Resources

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones - Interactive Map

Chesapeake Bay Native Plant Listing
North Carolina Plant Fact Sheets
Weed Index - Virginia Tech Searchable Weed Index

National Plant Database - The Online Plant Guide

Gardens for every body  Gardening for people with physical limitations

'Habitat at home" DVD Native shrubs for wildlife

The Garden Professors  New blog from University Professors.  Scientific answers to questions every week.






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