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Northampton Library Project

Several gardens have been planned for the grounds of the Northampton Library in Nassawadox.


The first of these is a Native Plant Butterfly Garden,. The garden was established in 2007, and located just to the left of the Library entrance.

Many fragrant native perennials were planted to attract a wide variety of butterflies. A few non-native annuals were added for the butterflies and to ensure season-long flowers. In order to support the entire life-cycle of the butterfly, both nectar and host plants were incorporated in the design.

For nectar, the color is the primary attraction; their favorites of red, purple, pink, yellow, blue, and orange are prominent. Fennel, parsley and butterflyweed are the host plants where the butterfly lays its eggs and the caterpillars that subsequently hatch consume the leaves.

Yaupon and Inkberry hollies provide protection from the elements.

As this garden matures over the next several years, an increasing haven will be provided.

This haven will provide an attractive garden home not only for a vast variety of butterflies, but also hummingbirds and other fascinating wildlife.


Native Plant Butterfly Garden  

The entrance to the library has grown more beautiful each year. Here you can see the sign indicating that the plantings are those of a Native Plant Butterfly Garden. Visitors often pause here to appreciate both the beauty of the garden and the pleasure of the butterflies and other creatures that have been attracted to the garden.

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