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Eastern Shore Virginia Master Gardeners is a non-profit organization dedicated to gardening and horticulture.

Educational Seminars

Eastern Shore Virginia Master Gardeners offers educational programs throughout the year on a variety of topics. Examples of past workshops are:

  • Composting
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Roses
  • Native gardens
  • Lawn care

You may visit our calendar for a list of upcoming programs.


Recommended Reading

Read any good books lately?

The Eastern Shore Public Library is a good source for gardening books.  The Master Gardeners have supplemented the collection in all branches.  In our goal to foster education on gardening subjects, we will periodically add to the collections in all four branches.

Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots

Sharon Lovejoy  (635 Lov)


The subtitle of this volume is “Gardening Together with Children.”.  It covers twelve possible themed gardens that children could learn from and enjoy.  Each of the twelve chapters can stand alone (with some minimal reference to the appendix on Gardening Basics at the back.)  The chapters include a Pizza Patch, a Sunflower House, a maze, and a garden of really big plants.


The typeset is large and the text is heavily illustrated with colorful drawings.  While you could read it alone and use the ideas with younger children (say about three or four), children who enjoy picture books with text would enjoy reading it with you.  Some of the ideas have especial appeal to children—for example the Moon Garden and the Giants garden both have teepee features that would appeal to children who like “hideouts” to play in.  However, there is appeal for adults as well, so don’t pass this book by if you have no children to introduce to gardening. 

Lovejoy sticks to non-toxic, natural sorts of soil amendment, fertilizing and pest practices.  So you can be comfortable that you are being kind to the environment and not exposing the child in your garden to any harmful chemicals.


Jennifer Trehane (635.933624)

Anyone with an interest in Camellias will want to consult this volume.  It provides a comprehensive look at the species.  While I knew that tea was harvested from Camellia sinensis, I was unaware that camellia oil was also a valuable product secured from pressing the seeds.


Ms Trehane discusses many subspecies of Camellia that are not widely cultivated here.  She has complete chapters on Camellia sasanqua (the Fall blooming varieties), Camellia japonica (Japenese origins, Camellia reticulate, The Williamsii Hybrids and other hybrids.  If you are planning to buy a new Camellia, you will want to look at the extensive catalog with pictures.


I was very interested in the chapter on propagation.  One of my Camellias produces seed and I plan to try propagating them.  (I would enjoy trying to harvest some oil but that process will require further research elsewhere.)  Ms Trehane gives detailed direction with photos on grafting and cutting techniques.  She also has a chapter on problems, pests and diseases which is very well illustrated with photos.  Finally, she discusses how to present Camellias for show.


She gives some sources for purchasing Camellias worldwide—I would suggest that it is not comprehensive since only one nursery in the United States was covered.  She does give contact information for Camellia Societies and also lists gardens that were judged by the International Camellia Society as being of merit.  Norfolk Botanical Garden makes this latter list.





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