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Continental drift ppt

Continental drift ppt

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The Theory of Continental Drift. Continental Drift Discovery. The World. ALFRED WEGENER THEORY OF CONTINENTAL DRIFT. Found evidence for PANGAEA . Continental Drift. Alfred Wegener large “supercontinent” (Pangea) existed and then split into pieces; fossil & glacial deposit evidence. Wegener not able. Alfred Wegener and Continental Drift. Evidence. Theory. Outcome. 2. What did Plate Tectonics replace? The History of Continental Drift. Plate: The Earth's crust .

Continental drift. 1. easternshoremastergardeners.com?v=TzzGPfVx32M; 2. A. The Theory of Continental Drift 1. Alfred Wagener 2. All the continents. Continental Drift. and. Plate Tectonics. Wegener earthobservatory. easternshoremastergardeners.com Alfred Wegener first proposed the theory of continental drift. Continental. Early 's: Continental Drift; Theory that continents and plates move on the surface of the Earth; No mechanism proposed. Evidence for continental drift.

Drifting Continents. Did Pangea Exist? The Theory of Continental Drift. A German scientist named Alfred Wegener formed the hypothesis that the continents had. DVD: PLATE TECTONICS. Continental Drift: 4 minutes. How the Earth was Made Billion Years Ago. Talks about evidence of continental drift like the fresh. Alfred Wegener, Pangea, And The Evidence For Continental Drift. Tyler Young. Amesbury 4th. Sep. 21, Alfred Wegener. Alfred Lothar Wegener (nov, 1. Continental Drift. Plate tectonics is a unifying theory that attempts to explain natural phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Continental Drift.


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